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A bail bond agency is a company which pledges money as a surety that a person accused in court will appear at the next court date. The friends and family of the accused will usually work with a bail bondsman in order to secure the release of the defendant in just a few hours after bail has been set.


Our Story

Founded in 1981, Jenkins A-Action Bail is a small family-owned business based in San Angelo, Texas. We serve families and inmates of Tom Green county. Our team has a commitment to helping our customers in the most

fast, fair, and friendly way possible!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What do bail bonds affect?

Paying bail can affect your credit score if you are not careful. If you put the full bail amount on credit card, pay the bail bond agent fees on credit card, or take out a personal loan then this can affect your credit score. To avoid this, ensure to pay any fees as due and if posting bail out of your own pocket, make sure you have the money on hand should the defendant fail to appear in court.


Can I leave the state on bail bond?



Even if the courts do grant you permission to leave the state, permission will also need to be obtained from the bail bondsman. You have a contractual obligation here, where you may not be allowed to leave your state until the court case is over. Check your terms and conditions for details.


What if I don't have the money?



If you don’t have the money to pay a cash deposit of around 10-15% for the bail bond, there are other creative ways to secure it. You can sign off on different types of collateral such as property, jewelry, electronics, and credit cards in some cases.


Why Secure a Bail Bond Even If I Have the Money?

Using a bail bondsman means you don’t have to put up your own hard-earned money for bail, should the accused not turn up to court. And if they do fail to appear, then the bail bondsman has the resources to find them and return them to court to appear. Trying to do this yourself can be difficult, time-consuming, and emotional. Whilst a bail agent will be able to swiftly find the accused and ensure no money is lost to courts for failure to appear by the defendant.


Do I Get Bail Money Back?

If you have paid in full for the bail of the defendant, and they have appeared at all necessary court hearings, then you will receive your money back. If you have enlisted the help of a bail bond agent, then you needn’t worry about anything but the collateral, which you put up as security for the bail amount to be paid to court.

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